Based in St. Louis, I provide compassionate, affirming, and empowering counseling services to adults in Missouri. Here’s what I do. (Click on each role to learn more.)

Counselor - I help people to connect with what is important to them and move towards the lives they want.

Supervisor - I supervise provisional licensed professional counselors (PLPCs) in Missouri and provide supervision of supervision to other supervisors.

Educator - I teach counseling courses and content to undergraduate and graduate students.

Consultant - I provide support and training on mental health topics to other professionals.

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I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in Missouri with my doctorate in Counselor Education & Supervision (PhD), and I am board certified in counseling (NCC) and telemental health (BC-TMH). I provide an affirming environment for people of diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences.


Dr. Brittany Murphy

Dr. Brittany Murphy

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